Manufacturer - Cedar Shingles


Waska offers a complete line of cedar products from customized cuts, colors and sizes.  They are made of Eastern White Cedar.  Our products come in a number of Grades from Extra Grade A (Blue Label): no imperfections to Utility Grade D (Green Label): multipurpose.


R&R Shingles

Cedar shingles edges are squared to eliminate on-site shaving for time-saving installation. They are also rebutted to ensure a perfect finish for exceptional natural beauty and quality.  Re-squared and Rebutted, squared cedar shingles, perfect finish; grading of remanufactured shingles to grading rules of regular shingles to each corresponding category.

Factory Coated

Factory finishing is an engineering coating process taking place in a controlled environment. This closed environment provides the optimum conditions for factory coating cedar shingles. These shingles must be brought to a proper climatic balance and moisture content before they are coated

Victorian Series

Victorian Series cedar shingles are manufactured with pride from our premium product. We exclusively use Extra / Grade A,  K. D. (Kiln Dried) flawless Eastern White Cedar shingles. Each piece measures 5" wide and 16" long. Waska is pleased to offer you these 9 exquisite patterns. All Waska Victorian Series Cedar shingles can be factory finished in one of our 3 coating options: Bleaching Oil, Weathering Stain MD or Machinecoat MD. 


Waska has three by-products from its operations, making Waska an environmentally sound company. Our by-products are all natural and organic, and can be used safely. Waska produces 2,400 metric tons of dry wood chips annually used in the pulp and paper industry. Waska processes Cedar wood bark into mulch that is used in agriculture and landscaping and contains only organic matter. Processing wood products allows Waska to produce and sell a considerable volume of mulch each year.