In business since 1987, Da-Li gallery includes an exposition room, a school and an art supply store. Danielle Bergeron, native of Lac St-Jean, she dreamed very early of escaping and discovering the world of drawing which allowed her creativity to explode. Very rapidly, she developed a passion for the arts, with a preference for the Impressionists: Monet, CÚzanne and Renoir. Self-taught, she perfected her skills with well-known masters and also acquired great abilities in various other techniques. Three trips to Europe allowed her to continue perfecting her technique. On returning from her last trip to Europe, she developed a teaching method for beginner and intermediate students and opened a school.
Winding bodies and luscious flowers occupy the pictorial space, creating a web of shapes that reveals an inner world of imagination and enchantment. I paint only with natural light, relying intuitively on an innate sense of colour and composition. Artist Gallery: Insectia, Flower Women, Botanica and Eclectic.
Painter, illustrator and muralist. I am from Montmagny, a small town in the Province of Quebec, Canada. I studied visual arts...I am producing illustrations for publications like Channel's Magazine and International Update from UPS . I also made some illustrations for Air Canada 's in-flight EnRoute Magazine . The particularities of my illustrations...